What dietary supplements for beautiful skin?

The food supplements “beautiful skin” do not stop filling the shelves of pharmacies and para-pharmacies. They promise us a firmer skin, a brighter complexion, a less wrinkled face. But which one to choose? Specialists guide us to the right formulas.

The market for food supplements, especially for beauty, does not know the crisis. We are more than 28% to consume three times a week.

You still have to know how to decipher the labels to identify the assets that are precisely adapted to our needs. Be careful, these are not candies. Better to use them in cure rather than mixing them at the risk of encountering intolerances or unwanted interactions.

“I have pimples, oily skin” fro beautiful skin

The star asset: zinc. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory and healing. It promotes tissue growth and regulates the production of my sebaceous glands. I can take it with lactoferrin, antibacterial to improve my skin microbiota. And if I prefer plants I opt for Burdock, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, anti-sebum, and soothing. Or extracts of nettle that purify and brighten the complexion.

“I have wrinkles, fine lines”

The star ingredient: hyaluronic acid, repulpant recognized both in topical application or injection as a dietary supplement. It allows our cells to better retain water and even make it. It optimizes its effects when you add vitamin C and collagen, or Krill oil whose omega 3 further strengthens the skin’s moisture.

“My skin is relaxing”

The star asset: collagen. Of course, this mattress of skin that inexorably melts with age and between 20 and 50 years we lose 50%. Complements slow down this melting: one part is directly assimilated in the skin, and the other remains in the blood where it is degraded. This waste serves as a decoy for the cells pushing them to make new collagen.

Combined with vitamin C and anti-aging selenium, the fish collagen hydrolysate is quickly assimilable. To boost metabolism, MSM, an organic sulfur compound, is essential for the formation of collagen and has two advantages over that of elastin.

“My skin lacks suppleness, it hits the mark”

The star asset: carnosine. This peptide is the reference anti-glycation. It prevents our fibers under the effect of sugar circulating in our body to become rigid. It is associated with L-Histidine which makes it possible to increase its absorption, or Rosmarinic acid (derived from rosemary) intended to “cleanse” the collagen fibers.

“I have dry skin, it is tight especially in winter”

Star assets: essential fatty acids (EFAs) are essential for our body that does not know how to make them. They are therefore only provided by our diet. If we watch our line and eat too little fat our skin is missing. Let’s supplement it with borage oils. If I have sensitive skin, I choose the coconut oil associated with that of Carthame restorative. And if it is more mature, it is the evening primrose oil that I need.

“I look bad, my complexion is pale and dull”

Star assets: beta carotenes and copper. I have two options: if I want to fight against the first signs of age, I go with beta carotene of selenium and vitamin E.

If I especially want a nice golden color, I choose a formula with copper that provides a beautiful pigmentation, also associated with selenium and vitamin C anti-aging, or a combination of copper, vitamin E, vitamin C that helps protect against oxidative stress.

Thanks to Frédéric Levy, Managing Director Biocyte and Christine Inçaurgarat, in charge of Interactive communication.