Top 15 Foods That Unclog Arteries Naturally( must know)

foods that unclog arteries and prevent heart attacks

how can I unclog my arteries naturally fast? this is a big question we will try to answer today in this article, so make sure to read it to the end, you will find some homemade remedies including some foods that unclog arteries and prevent heart attacks that will help you.

The human body has a complex formula, the one that allows it to survive.
The most important organs that serve this combination are the arteries or the blood vessels, it is responsible for delivering blood and nutrients to every single part of the body, from the brain to the tips of the fingers. So we need a way to unclog arteries.

These arteries may sometimes be unable to function, and this may be due to the accumulation of leaks on the inner walls of the arteries.

Having clogged arteries, not an easy problem? It may result in some dangerous set of complications, such as stroke, heart attacks, and even death.

An arterial blockage may occur to anyone, so everyone must be aware of the dangers of this condition and the solutions needed to overcome it.
One of the most important solutions used to solve this problem is to take a group of cholesterol-lowering medications? But vascular surgery is still the most common solution.

Although many people resort to modern and advanced methods, our mother nature has already given us a set of components of various foods, plants, and herbs that help solve the problem of arterial blockage.

For instance, the 15 foods presented below have the ability to help to solve this problem and unclog arteries naturally and fast, thus protecting your heart from any damage.

1. Onions

Unclog Arteries
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It has been shown in a study that onions contain Kersten, which contributes significantly to reducing blood pressure and arteriosclerosis and helps in its elasticity. Dr. Jonathan Stegall explains that “Onions are involved in maintaining good blood pressure, inhibit hardening of the arteries, unclog arteries, and keep them elastic.”


2. Apples

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A group of researchers at Ohio State University discovered that apples have a major role in preventing plaque buildup within the arteries and reducing cholesterol by as much as 40% if you eat an apple a day for four weeks, as well as their availability of polyphenols, which prevents oxidation of mental proteins. So all that you need to do is eat an apple a day and it will help you to unclog arteries fast and prevent heart attacks.

3. Fish

Fish are ideal sources of omega-3 fatty acids that can unclog arteries. It reduces inflammation in the blood vessels, reduces high blood pressure, and can prevent blood clots. Especially mackerel, salmon, sardines, and tuna. The American Heart Association (AHA) suggests eating one of these fish types at least once a week.

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