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Do these movements before bed and you will instantly relax and fall asleep soundly.

These movements will help you relax if you do them before bed!

I felt the results after the first application! Sweet sleep and good rest are guaranteed!

Insomnia is a common problem. Due to a busy lifestyle, inadequate nutrition, lack of adequate rest, and physical activity.

There are many natural ways you can help your body relax and achieve sleep, and yoga is one of the best and easiest ways. Yoga is not only about flexibility, but also about the mental state, the use of energy, and breath that will lead you to serenity and happiness.


To get the most out of these poses, you need confidence and concentration. The goal is not to be perfect in any position, but to learn to control your inner mind and allow yourself to relax and release tension.

You will need about one minute for each pose, a time frame that can grow day by day. As a result, you will be able to hold each position for five minutes or more.

1. Balasana – child’s pose


As a result, you can calm your nervous system, relax your back, shoulders, abdomen, and clear your thoughts.

Stretch your arms forward and keep track of the time using a stopwatch or timer. Take deep breaths as you stretch and relax.

If you have knee pain, then do not use this position.


2. Ananda Balasana


Also known as the butterfly pose. Take the position as shown in the figure. Take deep breaths and slow, smooth exits.

3. Masyasana – fish pose

Stay on your back and extend both arms along your torso. Lower your palms and press them against your buttocks. Start pressing on your forearms and bend your elbows.

The goal is to lift only the upper body and open the heart. Breathe deeply five to ten times and then rest.


4. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

In the pose, the legs, hips, and back are raised and the body takes the form of a bridge.

This pose will help reduce anxiety, fatigue, back pain, headache, and insomnia and prepare your body for better rest.


5. Salamba

If practiced just before bedtime, it is great for helping prepare the body for sleep. And if done during the day, it can help compensate for the lack of sleep.


6. Pavanamuktasana

As a result, it can help relieve tension in the entire spine. This is the perfect position to prepare us for deep sleep and restful relaxation.

And also it can improve the function of our intestines, which makes it the perfect movement after waking up.