The dry haircut, we try?

At the hairdressers, two camps clash those who make the shampoo before the cut and those who do it after cutting. We make the point on the haircut dry with Masato, master in the matter.

Most of the time, one enters the living room, one sits on the armchair for a quick diagnosis, then one puts on a bathrobe before going to the vat. The haircut is performed on wet hair after a shampoo and sometimes treatment.

This is the most common practice because it is what you learn most easily in hairdressing school: on wet hair, the scissors slide well and cut the material more easily. The problem? It is necessary to wait for the blow-dry to appreciate the rendering, even if it is necessary to take again here, and there some locks around the face or on the nape of the neck to perfect the hairstyle. So, why not try the haircut dry?

Why adopt it?

The time spent in front of the mirror with his hairdresser is one of the many assets of this technique. “More than just a diagnosis, we have the opportunity to observe the client as a whole facing the mirror, to see how she stands, how she expresses her desires,” says the hairdresser Massato *.

She adds: “We can also see how her hair is placed, how it is used to dress them and what maintenance it can devote to them. It is then easier to cut and resize them by observing the result as you would with a sculpture. “

Is the cut on dry hair for me?

For this follower of the dry cut that has trained all his teams, no doubt, this technique is suitable for all types of hair: thin to thick, straight to curly, short or long. His know-how, he keeps his years backstage and on shoots where there are no bins. He cut the hair of the models and editors in this way.

However, some hairdressers are still reluctant about this technique because it is harder to master. This is why she is often preferred on curly hair only. Since the ripples tend to go back to drying by creating a large volume root, it is more efficient to observe the result in real-time on dry hair to see how the loops are placed and how this demanding hair reacts to the cut.

What is a good dry cut?

“A successful dry cut, it starts with a flawless cutting technique, but also with a good pair of scissors that cut perfectly,” says our expert, who supplies directly to Japan. To know: the razor to taper the ends is to prohibit! The risk: that the blade hangs, that the cut of the hair is less frank and that forks are created on weakened points and assaulted. Other than that, no contraindications!