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Is your appetite going up? Maybe there is something wrong with your bone

Has your appetite increased lately? If so, you may feel hungry. Of course, this habit will put you at risk for a variety of chronic diseases, from diabetes to heart disease. Your weight will also increase rapidly if your high appetite is not controlled.

Some people find it difficult to control their appetite. However, it turns out that there are new ways to control appetite, namely by maintaining bone health. Yes, it turns out bone can also affect a person’s appetite. How can it be?

What is the link between appetite and bone health?

Apparently, the skeleton not only functions as a protective organ and vehicle but also affects digestion and your appetite. Yes, this has even been proven in a study published in the Journal of Clinical Research. It may be that the appetite is increasing, which is a result of the influence of your bones.

Research by experts from the Montreal Institute for Clinical Research shows that bones play an important role in controlling the metabolic appetite in the body.

So how can bone affect a person’s appetite?

So there is a part in the bone called osteoblasts. This part of the bone is responsible for the formation and construction of bone cells and tissues so that bones are still strong. Well, apart from the fact that osteoblasts also produce the hormone osteocalcin, which also plays a role in the metabolic process.

Well, osteocalcin will also help the body regulate excess blood sugar by increasing the production of the hormone insulin. With blood sugar always under control, appetite-regulating hormones will also be present under normal circumstances.

If this happens, your appetite will be controlled and not excessive. Another thing is if there is a gap in the bone, whether the bone becomes porous and not dense, then the amount of osteocalcin will decrease. This will affect your blood sugar levels and ultimately increase your appetite.

Another thing that can increase your appetite

Research suggests the importance of maintaining bone health. When your bones are experiencing certain health problems, not only do you find it difficult to move, but your metabolism and appetite increase as well.

Regardless, not only can bone health problems increase appetite, but there are a number of other things, such as:

  • Hormonal changes are common in women who are menstruating or going through menopause.
  • Hipertirodisme
  • Diabetes type 1 and type 2.

If your appetite does suddenly increase, then pay attention to your health during this time. See if there are symptoms that appear. If you feel anything odd, you should see your doctor immediately.

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