How to wear glitter lipstick?

Why make sad when we can make merry? glitter lipstick relegate lipsticks plots to the bottom of the drawer and we make a glamorous smile in two times three sequins. Follow the guide!

It’s one of Pat McGrath’s hobbies. Already in 2013, the make-up artist star had wanted to launch the trend of mega glitter mouths on the autumn-winter show Dior. The reception was dubitative and did not conquer the crowds.

A few years later, the test is transformed: creators, models and other stars strut on the red carpet with lips barely more discreet than a disco ball.

What you need to know before daring to smile

Make Up for Ever, Pat McGrath and Dior offer glitter in all colors. Red obviously, brown, pink but also gold and silver, even blue and purple for the more adventurous. Speaking of recklessness, one may wonder who is enough to dare a smile sparkling with a thousand lights.

The creators of the kits Glitter Lips Beauty Boulevard, Paule, and Rachel, we reveal their tips to be in the air of the time without ridicule.

Marie Claire: when and why did you launch Glitter Lips?

Paule and Rachel: “We imagined and launched this range in our hair and beauty salon in 1983, after seeing the glittering red mouth of singer Jessie J. We loved this sparkling make-up, when we wanted to wear it We realized that existing products were so difficult to apply that they were more for professionals, Glitter Lips is for both novices and established make-up artists. “

“It’s perfect for fascinating and seductive women, and as we are all there is no reason to hesitate, select a color that is in keeping with the place, time or event. It goes perfectly with the holidays, a festival, and for the evening, prefer darker and deeper shades that are more sensual and provocative. “

How to apply and make glitter lips last?

“Start with a lip scrub, then dry them well Apply our gloss on the lower lip and wait until it becomes transparent Use the sponge at the end of the applicator to apply the sparkling powder. The operation on the upper lip Finishes by removing the excess glitter with the brush. The result obtained lasts eight hours.

Editor’s Note: You can also use a transparent or colored gloss and apply it with a glitter brush. By choosing a different shade of these, you will get a 3D effect. Use tape to remove the excess shine and also to remove makeup.