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how to spend quality time with family during confinement: 7 activities

This selection of family activities will help you get out of confinement time in the best possible way.

During this confinement, new technologies, social networks, digital platforms, and electronic devices offer us a lot of entertainment. Besides, in the case of children, they can be used as an educational initiative for learning.

However, we must also learn to ignore them and appreciate the family and people who are with us at home.

Rarely will you be able to say that you can enjoy your family as long without obligations calling you?

Therefore, you should also take the opportunity to say goodbye to the screens during these days and enjoy quality family time during confinement. So we leave you with a series of activities and games so that together you can have fun. Let’s see it together!

Quality family time activities during confinement


Although to perform traditional karaoke you will need a screen where you can play the songs, you will need to use all of your memory and creativity here. Thus, sing the songs without seeing the lyrics and the other members of the house will play the role of the jury. More than a karaoke, it seems that you are on the set of The Voice.

Manual work with recycled materials for containment

Children love crafts and handicrafts. This is why we encourage you to carry out any type of work with materials that you have at home and that can be recycled for this purpose. Bottles of water, milk cartons, or rolls of toilet paper are some of the options you have at home.

Board games

We are sure that you have a board game from your childhood at home. It can help you spend a fun afternoon with your family. If not, you can create simple games yourself. In this way, you will link the previous proposal of manual work to this other.

The little bin: the most fun game of this confinement

One of the most popular games in containment is to play with those who are not with us. However, it can also be interesting to play with the family.

All you need is a pencil or pen, a sheet of paper and a stopwatch. The game consists of establishing a series of categories, such as names, cities or food, and choosing a letter of the alphabet.

At some point you determine, you will need to write a word that begins with the letter chosen for each of the categories. A simple and fun game that will stimulate the memory and imagination of all players.

Quality family time during confinement thanks to these activities

Build a home circuit

One of the indications that we receive daily during this confinement is that physical exercise is essential. Therefore, a different and just as a fun way to play sports is to create a small circuit yourself, parents playing with their children in the living room of the house during their forties.

Depending on the space you have at home or in your garden, and depending on the age of the participants, you can include obstacles, jumps or squats. Between the time you use to build it and the time you use to finish it, another day will have passed without you noticing.

Hide and seek: a game, two variants for containment

Hide and seek is one of the traditional games that, despite the times, never goes out of fashion. Also, it is one of the most suitable games to play at home and to be able to choose between a variant or the other.

If space in your home is limited, choose the English hide and seek game, as this variation is just as fun. If you have enough space, you are sure to have twice as much fun!

Origami, one of the activities for quality family time during confinement

Containment can be a good time to learn new activities that can inspire children and help them pursue their hobbies. To create origami figures, all you need is a little bit of paper and a little skill.

The art of drawing, the favorite pastime of children

Painting and drawing are two of the activities that children enjoy most. For them to practice, you will only need a lot of paper and paint. Besides, it’s a fantastic activity to stimulate creativity and imagination and to be able to have a good time with the family creating together.