If you want to know how serious the guy you are spending time with is, try certain tricks. If he buys into your manipulation, then consider that he truly loves you. But if the boyfriend reacted indifferently to the receptions, then most likely he does not perceive you as an important part of his life.

It is worth considering that special manipulative techniques for provoking jealousy in a guy must be carried out wisely so that they do not go sideways. Otherwise, you can get the opposite effect – not arouse desire in a guy, but, on the contrary, push him away from yourself.


  • Start looking especially great

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to become a gorgeous woman. If you are not used to painting every day, start doing it little by little. Then put on exactly the kind of clothes that emphasize your curves of the figure, and not just the first things that fall into your hands.

After a long relationship, many girls notice that their boyfriends or husbands are starting to take everything for granted. And the chic appearance will make the guy behave differently. If your boyfriend starts asking about the reasons for the sharp “prettier”, do not tell him anything. Just smile mysteriously.

  • Don’t forget about hanging out with your friends

If you haven’t dated and had fun with your best friends for a long time, it’s time to do it. Ignore your husband’s request to sit with him on the couch in front of the TV, and go to dinner with your former classmates. Don’t forget the fun!

  • Find a common language with the guy’s friends

If a guy introduced you to his company, try to make his friends like him. The good attitude of other men towards you will make your boyfriend feel jealous, and he will wake up possessive instinct. But do not overdo it with flirting: behave innocently, as if you are not doing anything on purpose in order to make the guy jealous. Just be nice. 

  • Stay mysterious

Stay mysterious You’ve probably already noticed that often a guy starts to get bored when you tell him something. Therefore, when communicating something, do not go into details. If he himself asks for the news, deliver it as vaguely as possible. He will be surprised at the mysterious changes.

  • Tell me about your former touching story

Lack of competition relaxes a man in a long relationship. If you are not talking about anyone other than your husband, as if by accident, remember something related to your ex-boyfriend. This will make your spouse feel jealous. Just don’t overdo it.

  • Smile at your colleagues at the party

If you’re hanging out with your boyfriend (or husband) at a party, talk to other people as well as your boyfriend. Ask a male colleague to take a photo together or do something else subtle. This will make your spouse jealous.

  • Don’t rush to answer your boyfriend’s calls when he wants to connect

Do not answer the first 2 calls of your boyfriend, or short answer that you are busy. He will get nervous. And then behave with him as if nothing had happened.

  • Don’t go overboard with seduction

Don’t be theatrical if you want to intrigue your boyfriend. Don’t make too much effort to arouse his interest in your actions. Be natural.

  • Chat with young male friends

It’s good if you have a young handsome man in your environment. Show up unobtrusively with him, introducing him to your husband as your friend. This behavior will make the spouse jealous and make him the owner.

  • Communicate with colleagues not only during working hours

If you know that a guy is going to drop into your office to pick you up by car from work, adjust everything so that at this time you shake hands with a handsome male colleague. The boyfriend will remain at a loss.

  • Be courteous to your boyfriend’s enemies

If you know a person that a guy doesn’t treat very well, then smile at him at the opportunity. This will make your boyfriend nervous.

  • Don’t forget to take beautiful party photos

Have you finally found time to relax with your best friends? Excellent. Take as many photos as possible! The guy needs to see that you know how to rock without him.

  • Make your spouse jealous with the help of a childhood friend

If you have a bosom friend with touching childhood memories, be sure to tell your husband about them.

  • Write something to your ex on social media

Although your husband claims that he is not interested in your past, he will get nervous if you write anything to your ex. Regardless of the meaning of the text message.

  • Don’t show your jealousy if your guy hangs out with other girls.

Ever notice that your boyfriend is flirting with handsome people? Don’t even think to be jealous. Remember – only he should do this.

  • Admire some handsome guy in the presence of your boyfriend

If there is an actor or singer you think is cute, let the guy know. Unobtrusive.

  • Tell the young man about some pleasant event

When you’re hanging out with friends, something exciting can happen. Tell your boyfriend about the pleasure.

  • Be in a full dress when you go out with friends

Dress up nicely when you go for a walk. And put on something ordinary when you go out with your spouse.

  • Hurry up somewhere with your boyfriend

The boyfriend needs to understand that you have many important things to do besides him. Therefore, be short in conversation.

  • Ask a friend to tell you something intriguing

If there is a person your boyfriend knows, let him, as it were, inadvertently tell him about the fans following you.

  • Don’t act like you really want to hang out with a guy

You shouldn’t be more interested in the relationship than your boyfriend. Otherwise, he will get bored.

  • Change the behavior from accessible to cool

First, be as sweet and polite as possible with your spouse (boyfriend). And then stop pleasing him in everything, become cooler. The question will close in his head: why?

  • Receive flowers from the “secret admirer” in the presence of your boyfriend

Order the bouquet itself, and let it be sent in the presence of your boyfriend. This is a proven way to create jealousy.

  • Spend more time with your hobby than with a young man

Come up with an interesting and useful activity for yourself. And devote a lot of time to it. Ideal if your hobby involves talking with men. For example, motorcycle racing, parachuting. Let your boyfriend know you have something to do in his presence.

  • Don’t fall for his mood

There is nothing worse than a woman who is led by a man. The guy should know that you have your own plans, and you are not going to change them just like that. Therefore, he cannot order to come to him in 15 minutes if he suddenly wanted to talk.

Do not flirt by trying to make the guy jealous. Do everything as subtly and creatively as possible. Then you will gain value in his eyes. If you overdo it, the young man may wonder if you really need a relationship.

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