How did I stop eating harmful foods? 6 tips


Just a few years ago, we ate like an ordinary average family. All sorts of “convenient” snacks bought in the prepared food department were normal in our refrigerator. And it seemed to us that we are eating right and healthy food. Well, yes, it’s not the chips with the phantom – and this is important! Today I want to tell you how everything has changed and how good it is for us.

Once I came across a book about healthy eating. But the important thing is that it suddenly dawned on me that we eat so processed food that even the natural ingredients of which it supposedly consists do not leave a trace. More precisely, the trace remains, but there are no useful substances.

And then I decided to do an experiment. I suggested that my family spend three summer months without processed food. In fact, this meant that it was impossible to eat not only our favorite children’s yogurts with fruit flavors, but simply not to eating cooking white flour, refined sugar. And do not buy products that include more than five ingredients.

I have to say right away – we lasted easily for three months. Moreover, these three months were decisive for us, and when they expired, we realized that there was no turning back. And now we will eat only this way and nothing else.

Here are the important points that we have learned from this turning point in our summer experience:

Eating ordinary foods is easier than it sounds.

It may seem that if you use only pure natural products in food and try to eat mono-component dishes that have not undergone processing, it will take a lot of time to cook. This is actually not the case.

Just try to detect for the sake of interest how much time it will take you to, for example, grate one medium carrot, cut a couple of cucumbers and one avocado, then chop the greens there and season it all with olive oil. I assure you, it will take no more than 5-7 minutes – you will get a well-balanced dinner.

Then it’s a matter of taste – with this salad, throw in a bag a couple of apples, a banana, and a handful of some nuts. And now you have a few snacks a day. No treatment, no headache, where to eat during the day (all with you), and the menu for the day. There are a lot of such simple recipes – just search the Internet or connect your own imagination.

Natural food improves well-being

My husband and I lost a couple of kilograms in those three months. Our youngest daughter disappeared with bowel problems – before, she constantly complained of constipation.

The eldest daughter almost completely disappeared eczema, which tormented her for the past 3 years.

Normal food is not expensive

Take a look. If you stop buying all kinds of pleasant snacks like gingerbread, donuts, sweets, crackers, all kinds of cookies, etc. and concentrate on ordinary vegetables, fruits, cereals, chicken, fish, your food budget will not increase. And maybe even reduced.

Try to make something like a weekly nutritional plan and stick to it. Minimize product leftovers (again with a clear plan). Remove sweet but useless snacks from the shopping list (see above) and make fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, and cereals the main diet. These are very simple principles. And they can reduce food costs.

The taste of natural products is much nicer

After three months of natural eating, I just couldn’t put in my mouth the pink donut I loved before. I instantly felt the taste of powder dye and flavor enhancers in it. It’s strange how I didn’t notice it before. Now it seemed to me that I had a sip of perfume or dishwashing detergent.

I do not disassemble. It really is. When you get used to the taste of natural products, processed and with additives, you cease to perceive as food. And this is such a pleasant feeling!

Rules can be violated

You definitely should not go in cycles. If every six months scaredly pulled to McDonald’s – go ahead! The world will not collapse, you will not die. Such rare disorders are good for the psyche. In addition, they only claim in the feeling that your daily diet is super correct and healthy!

They ate a cheeseburger, the next day there was a feeling of stone in the stomach – take a knife, a board and cut your favorite salad with a sea of different salad leaves and fragrant Baku tomatoes, sprinkle it all with basil … and you understand that here it is what you want to eat every day.

Out of sight, out of mind

If you do not buy gingerbread cookies, dumplings, and chocolate bars, then there will never be an opportunity to eat them. After all, there is no trial. So if you decide not to eat something, never buy it home and don’t even go near it in the store.

And of course, start small. If it’s difficult to immediately throw away everything in your refrigerator, do it gradually, one ingredient a week, or according to some scheme convenient for your family. And start collecting and trying easy recipes from natural unprocessed foods. The simpler the better.