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Best 17 Home remedies for all occasions everybody should know

You already know: our health and longevity directly depend on what we eat and drink. But do you realize that medications for sore throat, headache, indigestion, and even various skin problems are always at your fingertips – in … a refrigerator, a kitchen cabinet and a shelf with spices.

Herbalists believe: to treat all of the above, as well as minor injuries – bruises, abrasions, etc. – much more effective with home remedies than with medicines from a pharmacy. Their obvious advantage is a minimum of side effects.

It was the kitchen – the products, herbs, and spices that are always stored there – that inspired the founders of many medical areas. For example, Ayurveda – the Indian “life science” with a thousand-year history, where healing herbs, spices, and natural substitutes Sugars are considered one of the foundations of human health.

However, not only in the East turned to home remedies. One of the founders of Western medicine, Hippocrates said: “Let food become your medicine.” Hippocrates treated with water, vinegar, honey, and herbs. He believed in the simplest methods of healing.


Most of the available remedies are cheap and safe. What could be better? Many home remedies are probably familiar to you, but something in our recipes will probably surprise you: did you think, for example, that bananas are needed not only for cereals and smoothies? Open the door of the kitchen cabinet and with it the whole world of home remedies.

Acne, rash, and burns: Turmeric

The healing properties of turmeric make it useful in the treatment of a variety of skin diseases. It has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antitumor effects. Use turmeric locally to treat acne, acne, scratches, burns (they even sell turmeric antibacterial patch in India). Wash your hands thoroughly after applying turmeric paste, as this spice has a strong coloring effect.


Mix a few drops of aloe juice with ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder to make a liquid slurry. Use your fingers to apply it to a patch of skin with an inflamed pimple, acne, or burns. Leave for an hour, then rinse. Read more remedies on the next page.