Love relationship is beautiful, but it’s not all that makes a couple last. Unfortunately, a few external factors come into play in terms of the durability of a couple.

Before you commit completely, make sure you have considered these 9 elements.

Love relationship The trust

To be happy in your relationship, it is important to trust the other. Jealousy is sometimes a feeling that can not be controlled, but it must not be justified. Trusting each other is the basis of a strong relationship.


It is possible to not always agree. Chicanes are part of romantic relationships, yet it is necessary to be able to communicate and argue with respect. If one or the other party does not respect his partner … Then it can quickly degenerate.


If you do not feel safe in your relationship, then there is a serious problem. If your partner scares you with excessive behavior, for example, this relationship is not healthy.


For some, being in a relationship is not synonymous with happiness. It is normal not always to be happy in your professional or personal life, but for your couple to be sustainable, you must at least find happiness in your relationship.

His happiness

It is only because you are in a relationship that you are no longer an individual. Before being an “us”, you were an “I”, never forget it.

It’s independence

Being independent does not mean to stop answering each other’s text messages or to ignore them. You just have to find a balance between your life as a couple and your life as an individual. If you want to spend an evening with your friends, but your partner strongly opposes it, then maybe he/she does not leave you enough space to grow as an individual.

His vision of the future

It is important to have projects of life to two. It’s normal to have different desires, but if your partner wants to live in Australia and you want to stay here … At one time or another, your needs will be right for the love relationship you have one for the other.


Whether you are the type to make love relationship once every two weeks or every day, the important thing is that your partner and you have the same desires. If you get along well, then everything is perfect. Otherwise, there may be some small adjustments to make.

The communication

Everyone says it; communication is the key to a healthy relationship. We must talk about our emotions, say loudly our sorrows and anger and especially not be afraid to say good things to revive the flame from time to time.