8 reasons you can’t lose weight even if you practice running

2-Your body gains lean mass

Sometimes when looking to lose weight fast is considered the only major factor, but many are unaware that the body is made up of two major components: fat and lean mass. The latter includes bone, tissue, and muscle mass, which can be developed by performing various exercises.

For example, one study showed that performing a high-intensity interval running program over a 10-week period results in improved cardio-respiratory activity and an increase in the size of the quadriceps muscles. Therefore, you probably won’t lose weight because you will gain muscle mass.

What to do: Don’t jump to conclusions based solely on the number you see on the scale. See a specialist who can correctly assess the percentage of fat and muscle mass you have in your body.


3-You perform the same exercises repeatedly

You may run the same distance or the same course each day. At first, everything will be fine, but over time the routine will eventually get your body used to it and the results will not be as noticeable.

The human body and its components can adapt to exercise. When more force is applied correctly to muscles during training, they develop and improve their function. If the body is not subjected to this continuous variation, muscles adapt over time and remain unchanged. And if the pressure is reduced, the body can atrophy, or even deteriorate in more serious situations.

What to doDon’t be afraid to change your routine and consider a functional training plan. The intervention of a complete program for runners has been proven to have more benefits than sticking to a regular goal.



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