8 reasons you can’t lose weight even if you practice running

Why I can’t lose weight! For many, losing weight becomes a goal to achieve every year, and a seemingly simple solution to achieving it is to run. So you put on your jogging outfit and start running to lose those extra pounds. But time goes by, you keep running, and you don’t see any improvement; you step on the scale and the number is always the same, or it increases! You think your efforts are in vain and you give up. If you, too, are wondering why this isn’t working, some data proven by experts and research on the subject can give you answers and help you better understand how your body works.

At Fun Club, we want you to keep running towards your goal, which is why today we are showing you some of the reasons why you may feel like you are not losing weight despite running regularly. . Remember that what you will read below is for informational purposes only; it is always a good idea to consult a specialist who can help you according to your situation!


1-You retain water for your muscles

lose weight

Do not think that water has become your main enemy in losing weight. Hydration is very important when you do all kinds of physical activities like running, but it is also very important to recover from the strain generated by the muscles, especially if you are new to this practice.

According to a doctor, when a person embarks on an exercise routine, muscle fibers are put under pressure, resulting in micro-tears and inflammation. To counter this, fluids like water are retained in the affected area to try to heal them. As the fibers heal, your body will experience temporary weight gain.

What to do: This is normal, so keep drinking water regularly and, if necessary, give your body the rest it needs to get back to normal.



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