feel cold! 8 amazing benefits of the cold

This cold icy air that you curse all winter could be a blessing for your body! Here are its many benefits.

It is good for blood circulation

The cold shower wakes up in the morning, and, especially, by promoting the contraction of the blood vessels, it improves the venous circulation. Leg cells are better nourished and the waste is well-drained. For those who fear the cold, start the shower with cold water on the legs and increase the heat only for the upper body.

It mobilizes the good fat

To accumulate too much ordinary fat (“white”) is bad for the health, but the so-called “brown” fat is on the other hand beneficial. It helps to regulate body temperature. Two studies published respectively in 2012 by the University of Sherbrooke and in 2014 by the Australian doctor Paul Lee demonstrate that, under the effect of the cold, the brown fat is activated and burns more calories. Work on mice at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich goes in the same direction.

It relieves allergies

If you sneeze in the spring or summer, winter maybe your favorite season. The air pollen rate is almost zero in this season. On the other hand, in cold weather, there is a tendency to caulk at home, so reactions to household allergens can get worse. To reduce the growth of mold and mites, use a dehumidifier. And think about airing every day, even if it’s cold.

It promotes sleep

The body needs freshness to fall asleep; its temperature drops when you doze off. This is one of the reasons we usually sleep well in winter. And since it’s dark longer in the morning, we naturally wake up later.

He fights infections

Cold stimulates the immune system and helps fight infections. But why is the flu more prevalent in winter? Because we stay inside too much! Promiscuity promotes the spread of the influenza virus. To reduce this risk, get vaccinated, wash your hands often, and go outside.

It strengthens the heart

Training in the cold is excellent: the myocardium gets stronger by working harder to circulate the blood and stabilize the body temperature. However, if your heart is fragile, be careful: the extra effort could be dangerous.

It improves the mood

Very cold weather is often bright and anticyclonic. This light is good for morale. It promotes the secretion of serotonin, the “hormone of happiness”. Natural brightness is also good for fighting fatigue.

It heals pain and inflammation

This is why physiotherapists use cold to relieve painful joints. Recently, cryotherapy is in vogue. It submits the whole body to intense cold for a very short time. Initially used for top athletes, this method is now proposed to treat many ailments: rheumatism, muscle pain, insomnia, fatigue, stress.