7 spices that can harm the body (Tested spices)


Almost no baked goods can do without this aromatic spice. It is also used for medicinal purposes, as well as in cosmetology. But an excess of such seasoning in dishes can lead to a breakdown, heartburn. It also causes headaches. It is contraindicated to use cinnamon for people who have liver problems, due to the coumarin contained in the composition. This substance has a very negative effect on liver function.


Yes, it is useful, but only in small amounts. Large doses of nutmeg can lead to poisoning, in which even coordination of movement is impaired, drowsiness and hallucinations occur.



A delightful aromatic condiment used in the manufacture of many drinks, dishes, and traditional medicine. Peppermint has a mild sedative effect and soothes the nervous system. But only with its frequent consumption, the opposite effect may appear in the form of insomnia and irritability. You can not use the spice for people who have problems with the digestive system, because mint can irritate the mucous membrane, due to menthol, which is part of it. Also, mint is contraindicated for people with allergies. Read more spices on the next page.



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