7 spices that can harm the body (Tested spices)

In many dishes, there is simply no way without a variety of all kinds of spices. Indeed, the food ceases to be tasteless and acquires an exquisite taste and aroma. But in no case should you mindlessly “pour” all these additives wherever possible. Not all condiments and spices are good for humans. And some of them are generally recommended to be excluded from use!

Harmful seasonings for humans


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A common seasoning used in the manufacture of meat, fish dishes, canning, baked goods, and drinks. It is only worth considering that too much of this spice is capable of acting on the gastric mucosa. Therefore, if you have gastritis or, moreover, an ulcer, it is better not to season your meals with cloves. In addition, the spice has a mild sedative effect, can cause drowsiness and apathy. However, a small number of cloves will not harm your health.

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It is extremely unacceptable to use this spice during pregnancy, people suffering from epilepsy and low blood pressure. In addition, rosemary is harmful to ulcers, it also has a diuretic effect, which can adversely affect the functioning of the kidneys, as well as lead to the occurrence of colitis. Even if you can avoid other ailments, eating too much of the spice can lead to serious digestive upset. Discover more spices on the next page.

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