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5 steps to better organize your wardrobe

Big or small, your wardrobe can be functional and practical if it is well organized. Here are some rules of arrangement to follow to gain in order and space.

1-Make an inventory of the contents of the wardrobe.

Take all the clothes out of your closet, then put them in two piles: the clothes to donate and the ones to keep. An item that has not been worn for two years should be given. The exercise can be redone at each change of season. If space in your closet is limited, store clothes and accessories that are not in season in storage bins or vacuum bags that you will store in the basement or under the bed. Arrange the shoes that you wear regularly on shelves and the others in storage boxes.

2-Maximize space.

Do not waste a square inch of space by adding storage accessories such as shelves, boxes, and hooks. The storage solutions available on the market are incredibly numerous and ingenious. On a piece of clear wall or behind the door of the wardrobe, the addition of hooks will allow you to have your handcrafted jewelry, belts, and handbags. Storage boxes placed at the top of the shelves and directly on the floor will give you more space.

3-Group the clothes by category.

The compartment is the key to a well-organized wardrobe. Group pants, skirts and dresses, long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved shirts, etc. This will make it easier for you to spot your clothes in the morning. You can then subdivide each category by color. Add dividers in your drawers to keep your underwear, socks, and accessories separate. Finally, put the clothes you use most often in the middle of the closet and the others at the bottom or on the sides.

4-Store vertically.

Popularized by the Marie Kondo storage queen, the folding and vertical storage technique has many followers. This method allows you to store more sweaters in the same space while allowing you to see everything at first glance. Finished the pile of sweaters that you must undo to have access to the last sweater of the bottom.

5-Keep order

Once this great organizational work is done, respect the location you have assigned to each of your clothes. Store them each time at the same place where you took them. Then, as soon as a new garment enters the wardrobe, another of the same category should come out. Finally, repeat all of these steps at least twice a year, in the winter and the summer.