3 ways How to Reduce Pain After Taking Injection

Nobody likes to have an injection or vaccine, but this is often necessary to maintain their health. The good news is that dealing with pain after having an injection is quite simple to do. To reduce pain in general, move around right after taking the injection, use over-the-counter pain medication and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Take care of inflammation by making a cold compress or ice to reduce both swelling and pain. If you are trying to lessen the pain a child is feeling after getting an injection, get them to get plenty of rest, drink fluids and see a pediatrician before giving any pain medication. If your symptoms get worse instead of improving after injection care, go to the doctor.

Method 1: Acting immediately after injection

1-Move your arm or leg right after you have injected these limbs.


If you received an injection in your arm or leg, wait for the professional who applied it to finish the treatment and put on that standard dressing. Once you’re done, rotate your arm over your head slowly in a circular motion nine or 10 times so that the blood flows better. If the sting was in the leg, gently shake it nine or 10 times and lift your knee once or twice. Resting the injected limb shortly afterward increases the chances that it will be a little sore after leaving the infirmary.

  • You don’t need to run to São Silvestre or anything like that. Just move your body enough to make the blood flow for 30 to 45 seconds.
  • If you have had the injection in the side of the body or the hip, stretch this area as best as you can so that it does not swell. Standing helps in this case.

2- Place a cold compress on the area quickly to relieve pain in the muscles.


After moving around a little, put a cold compress on the injection site for 10 minutes to lessen the pain you are feeling in your muscles. Remove the compress and leave the skin exposed to air at room temperature. Then, put the compress back on and wait another minute or two. Switch between the compress and normal air to relieve pain.

  • Do not make hot compresses where you got the injection, as it will not relieve the pain as well as ice. However, if you want, you can make a hot compress before the injection to increase absorption. Discover other methods on the next page.


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