3 easy hairstyles for the celebrations

Nothing like an elegant hairstyle to finish the year in style … provided that it is simple to achieve. Notched, blurred or styled-disheveled: focus on three ways to easily sublimate his mane.

End-of-the-year festivities are a must, it’s time to get on his 31 … or at least think about it. And if they desire to assert our style is not lacking, our skills in hair art can turn out to be very limited. It was without counting on our ideas of chic and pragmatic hairstyles, offering maximum effect for a minimum of effort, ideas blown by hairdressers Shampoo Expert.

The notched hairstyle

Whether you’re a fan of Downton Abbey or planning a Gatsby the Gorge-style New Year’s Eve, the hairstyle on short or long hair is the guarantee of a retro and elegant look at a time.

To achieve it, we start by drawing a line on the side after carefully unraveling our hair. Then attach the upper part while dividing the rest of the hair into two equal parts. Equipped with a curling iron, we apply to wave our locks one by one, then to attach them in the form of rollers. These will, of course, be more or less bulky depending on the length and thickness of our hair. Once all the hair is worked in this way, we take care to wait about half an hour before undoing the rollers and lightly rubbing the curls between our fingers.

Then comes the notching step, which is operated by placing large flat tongs, usually of fine metal, from the top of the head to the lower part, all around the line of the face, taking care of alternate the meaning of the pliers. Heat the whole with a hairdryer or leave in the open air as long as possible, especially depending on the nature of our hair. If they are long, they can be put together in a more or less blurred bun (according to taste), before setting everything generously with hairspray. Finally, gently remove the clamps, and voila!

The blurred square

Partisan of the “less is more”, you generally stay away from beauty (a little) too neat. That’s good: the trend is on your side. Elegant, without overdoing it, the hairstyle-styled square can be a festive hairstyle, especially when paired with a sophisticated make-up and outfit.

Equipped with a straightener or curling iron, we gently wave each of our strands to create volume and a hair movement a festive strand. We all blur trying to bring the spikes forward and create a wild style. Finally, we lacquer all to ensure a long-lasting effect. The must? Statement earrings, to highlight this nonchalant wavy square.

The hairy-tousled bun

A must-have for holiday hairstyles, the bun extrudes from the usual hair shackles and turns away this year in a more natural, more fun, more modern version. And there is nothing easier to do.

If you have fine hair, you can start by gently waving it with a curling iron to give it a soft wavy texture. Otherwise, simply untangle them carefully before gathering them in a loose ponytail, higher or lower depending on the desired effect. Tie it as usual with a rubber band while making sure to leave the tips inside on the last turn, to form a kind of soft loop. With your fingers, “blur” this beginning of a bun to give it a slightly messy look. Then, using pliers, build your bun by fixing your hair around the elastic in a relatively loose way, to maintain volume.

If you have dense and/or curly hair, you can also let some wicks go out, have the hair around the base bun and let them cascade on one side. Hairy-hairy effect assured.