15 Years Rejuvenating Skincare Method in 10 Steps

South Korea is among the cultures that are becoming more and more popular in the world. What are the reasons for this skincare? We can count a few examples of adapting his TV series to many other countries and making their women always look younger.

Korean women seem to have discovered the secret to looking young, especially compared to women living in Europe and America. Of course, genetic factors also need to be considered, but the key is in daily care products.

As Fun Club, we have decided to share with you the skincare products used by Korean women. The best part of these products is that you can prepare them entirely with the ingredients in your home. Let’s start!

Oil Cleaning


The first of the skincare methods frequently used by Korean women is skin cleansing. Previously, we prepared an ingredient about how to cleanse your skin from oil. You can find our content here. All you need is the round make-up pads and the oil of the konjac plant or a facial cleansing sponge made from the root of the Konjac plant. This sponge we are talking about is known for soothing allergic skins. It cleans your skin deeply and does not damage it, and also regulates the pH balance of your skin.


Korean women generally prefer water-absorbing oils in addition to this product. Not only do you cleanse your make-up, but you also get rid of excess moisture. If you have dry skin, all you have to do is use a normal moisturizing cream afterward.

Water-based cleaning

Cleansing the skin a second time seems unnecessary, right? Korean women don’t think that way. At this stage, you get rid of oil residues, sweat, and dust particles on your skin. It is a very common habit to prepare a face mask with egg yolk, which is generally used for hair or to use egg yolk-based facial cleansing products.

Fatty acids make the skin softer and more elastic, increase the functioning of the hormone glands and act as a wrinkle remover. But that’s not the only area where egg yolk works. It is also used to tighten pores. Read more tips for your skincare on the next page.