15 easy ways to lower high blood pressure

3.Reducing alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol can lead to high blood pressure. It is believed that 16% of all cases of high blood pressure in the world are the result of alcohol exposure.

Some scientists believe that small amounts of alcohol are good for the heart, but the negative effects on the body will still be greater.

Moderate alcohol consumption is one sip per day for women and two for men. If you are drinking more, then it is worth stopping.

Bottom line. Drinking alcohol in any amount can lead to high blood pressure.


4.Eating foods rich in potassium

It’s time to find out which foods lower your blood pressure.

Potassium is an essential nutrient for the body.

Potassium helps to remove sodium from the body and reduces pressure in blood vessels.

For most people, sodium intake in the diet predominates over potassium intake.

Eat more fresh foods to improve the balance of potassium and sodium in your body. pressure reducing products

Pressure reducing foods that contain a lot of potassium:

  • vegetables, especially tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, leafy greens;
  • fruits, including melons, bananas, avocados, oranges, and apricots;
  • dairy products such as milk and yoghurts;
  • tuna and salmon;
  • nuts and seeds;
  • legumes.

Now you know which foods lower blood pressure and what to add to your diet.

Bottom line. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in potassium. Discover more foods that reduce high blood pressure on the next page.