12 signs you’re not drinking enough water

9. You are always hungry

A dehydrated body can send signals of hunger. It can take you all at once, when; day or night, you want to rob your refrigerator or whatever happens to you. It is better to contain yourself and drink a glass of water since that is what your body needs.

10. You suffer from digestive problems


We talked above about the importance of moistening the oral mucosa because this is how the whole digestive process begins. Without this necessary wetting, the density of the stomach lining decreases and gastric mucus causes damage to your internal organs, which results in what is commonly referred to as heartburn and indigestion.

11. You have symptoms of premature aging


The amount of water that our body can contain decreases with age. When we get older, it is, therefore, necessary to increase our water consumption. Although the symptoms of premature aging are mostly seen on the outside, the damage that dehydration causes to your organs will be felt in the long term. To reduce this kind of risk, it is necessary to develop good habits of consumption of liquids, and in particular water, throughout life.

12. You have read this article to the end

Most likely after reading this article, you are thinking “Mmmh, I think I am not drinking enough water”. If indeed this thought occurred to you, start the good resolutions from now, and change your habits. It is better to drink a little more water than you really need rather than suffer the consequences of dehydration. So have a drink! … water!


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