12 signs you’re not drinking enough water

Drinking enough water! there is nothing more refreshing in the world than a good glass of cold water. Pure water produces more pleasure and well-being than a cup of coffee or sparkling water. However, many of us do not ingest enough water per day, and our bodies lack this vital fluid. If you suffer from any of the symptoms below Sympa-sympa.com recommends that you take charge of yourself! (and also drink a glass of water of course!)

1. You have a dry mouth

enough water

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This is a more obvious symptom than its consequences. Naturally, when you experience this sensation, you go looking for a drink, but juice or soda only provides a temporary solution to the problem. Drinking water lubricates the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat and provides long-term hydration.

2. You have dry skin you don’t drink enough water

The skin is the most extensive organ in your body and it obviously needs to be hydrated. Dry skin is one of the first symptoms of complete dehydration, a problem that can have very serious consequences. Lack of water also implies a lack of perspiration, which means that the body can no longer cleanse itself – sweat fulfills this role, just like urinating – nor eliminate excess fat. , nor thermoregulate. One solution to all these problems is very simple: drink more water.

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