10 home remedies to remove pimples (Easy tips)

2.Tropical Treatment

If Pimple is not well, then doctors give medicines to apply on the face. Which is called topical treatment. Pimple is also cured by this option.

3.Blue or red light treatment

This light therapy provides treatment to remove pimples. By the way, Pimple is caused by a bacterium named Propionibacterium acnes. In which this bacteria is destroyed as soon as it comes in contact with blue or red light. Due to which the oil glands of the skin start shrinking. Which becomes the reason for becoming sebum. Hence blue and red light are considered good acne treatments.


Nail pimples are also treated by homeopathy. This helps reduce the breakout of the pimples. 

Reason for Pimples in Pregnancy

Pimples are common during pregnancy. This is due to maternal androgen hormones and sebum. However, acne is cured in the first trimester of pregnancy. But in the third trimester, it is very high. 

Prevention from Pimple Prevention from Pimple


Pimple is a bit difficult to stop. Therefore, it can be avoided only by making a small change in your lifestyle. Below, we will explain how to prevent pimples. 

Keep Exfoliating Time-to-Time Faces

If you exfoliate your skin with X, then the face is clean. Due to which the facial pores are also well cleaned. 

Wash face well

One must wash the face daily. By doing this, the dirt dust accumulated on the face is easily cleared and oil does not freeze on the face.

Drink plenty of water

Drink at least eight glasses of water daily. By doing this, the impurities of the body come out. And the face is also clean.

Wash makeup brushes daily

Daily makeup brushes cause bacteria to accumulate, so makeup brushes should be washed daily.

Do not touch face again and again

By repeatedly touching the face, bacteria start settling on the face. Which gives birth to Pimple. Therefore, the face should not be touched. 


Stay stress-free

The pimple-like problem also arises due to excessive stress. So stay away from stress.

The right way to eat and drink

Do not eat oily food as stated earlier. And make good eating habits because bad food and drink cause acne. Therefore, foods with only nutritional value should be consumed.

Choose the best makeup

Useless or cheap makeup blocks the pores of the face, so use only non-comedogenic and not-exogenous makeup. Because it does not block the facial follicles.

Pimpalgaon in for cream Cream for Pimple

To choose the cream, first of all, see if it controls the oily face or not. Because cream should be chosen as soon as Pimple is taken into consideration. So that it can reduce the pimples on the face. So whether you have to order online or get cream from the market, take special care of all these things.


Repeated pimple on the skin also affects the brightness and beauty of the face. All these home remedies can be used to cure pimples. If you are not well with the home remedy, go to the doctor immediately. It can be cured soon by treating it in time. 


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