10 changes that pregnancy brings to the couple

With its ups and downs, pregnancy changes the lifestyle of a woman, and also of her partner. Being aware of these changes will help the expectant mother to prepare. Read more …

Being pregnant is news that completely revolutionizes the life of a couple, and more particularly that of women. The physical and psychological changes that pregnancy causes require certain changes inhabits. We review the most important joys and sacrifices that pregnancy brings.

Everyone assimilates it in their way. For some women, especially those who have already been mothers, pregnancy is a beautiful stage in which a unique relationship is established with the unborn child.

For first-time pregnant women, it is difficult to undergo so many changes. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider the joys and sacrifices that pregnancy brings.

10 changes that pregnancy brings to the couple

Here is our list of changes below:

5 positive changes

1 – A new life will light up your days

A lot of people say that true love is not known until you have your first child. It will be one of the best moments of your life. By living it, you will feel pure love, which you know will last forever.

Just as the baby will be everything for you, you should know that his parents are everything for him too. The family bond between parents and children changes everyone’s life.

2 – The family is growing and so are your life plans

Sooner or later, every single person wants to start a familyYou have already taken the first step. One more if it is not your first child. You have reached this stage where you have always imagined yourself: you will have your baby in your arms, you will see him walking, growing up, going to school and playing with his brothers and sisters.

The joy you have always shared with the person you love now will be a wonder for three. You could say that you have just fulfilled a dream.

3 – The conjugal union is getting stronger

From now on, you and your partner will have many beautiful activities in front of you. The choice of name, the design of the room, and the planning of life for the baby to come will enliven and make you want more than ever.

4 – The femininity is going to stand out even more

Did you know that pregnancy has remarkable aesthetic benefits for your body? Your hair will become thinner and more luminous, your skin will become smooth and regular thanks to the blood supply and your breasts and curves will gain in volume. You will ultimately be much more feminine.

5 – You will have a healthier life

Pregnancy, although often annoying for women, has extremely positive effects on your health. For example, one of its main virtues is to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Also, the obligation to follow healthy habits will have a positive impact on your health. Finally, menstrual pain will disappear and sex life will be intensified following the birth of your child.

“Many say that one does not know true love before having a child”

5 negative changes

1 – The work takes place in the background

The vast majority of women decide to continue their work routine normally when they discover their pregnancy. It makes perfect sense, because it is not a disease, at this stage of pregnancy there is no impact on productivity.

However, there may be days when you don’t feel able to cope with a day’s work. In these moments, you can make use of your rights. Depending on the country, the number of days not worked before and after childbirth may vary. it is in your power as a future mother to enforce your rights.

2 – Sex life

This aspect depends on each couple. As we have said, women experience more sexual appetite at certain times during pregnancy. However, this does not happen to everyone, not always. So, sex during pregnancy can be a positive practice because it has many benefits.

During the first trimester, when nausea begins, the discomfort and psychological impact that pregnancy may have caused can decrease sexual activity. The same thing happened in the last few weeks since the mother’s womb can block most sexual positions.

3 – Outings with friends

In no case should social life be included among the things that should be sacrificed during pregnancy? This will allow you to have support and comfort in the different stages of these nine months.

However, it is also true that you cannot keep pace with it before. At any time, you will not feel ready for outings, parties, concerts, football matches, or other events that are too crowded.

4- Sports

Although physical activity is healthy and even recommended during pregnancy, you should refrain from playing certain sports. Especially those of contact, since they present concrete risks for the health of the fetus before any blow or fall.

Specialists authorize swimming, walking, cycling, and yoga. The sports that you should ban during these months are:

  • Combat sports
  • All extreme sports, such as skydiving.
  • Practices that require a lot of strength.
  • Sports practiced with balls or other elements which can strike the belly.
  • Sports require jumps.

5 – Bad habits

It is obvious that during pregnancy it is mandatory to stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Although it seems complicated for women who are used to these practices in everyday life.

However, it is something that must be accomplished for the well-being of the child. Tobacco during pregnancy can cause problems in fetal growth, premature births, and respiratory diseases. On the other hand, alcohol also has negative effects on the baby’s health.

Without a doubt, the changes that pregnancy brings will radically change your lifestyle, at least temporarily. It is important to have good preparation to get through this phase successfully.

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